Dedicated Resource Starter

CPU – AMD/INTEL 16 Cores 32 Threads

Network Speed – 10GB/sec

NVME SSD storage – 5gb

RAM – 256MB

MY SQL – 5

Visitors per month – 25000/M

Business Emails – 5

Plesk Premium – Yes

Add on Edge CDN with 92 Locations – $10/M

Add Imunify360 – $12/M

Add Edge DNS – $10/M

Remote  Backup – Yes

WordPress Premium Custom  Website Builder – Yes

LiteSpeed – Yes

Mod PageSpeed – Yes

PageSpeed Insights – Yes

Remote Git – Yes

Applications Installer – Yes

SSL certificate – Yes

System Cache Delivery – Yes

WordPress Toolkit – Yes

Node JS – Yes

Webserver – Nginx/Apache

Tax – Not Included

Discount  – 10% on Yearly Plans


Add-ons Modules

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We Provide You with Features for Success:

First-class quality support by WordPress engineers, working as part of your team. Pro-active WordPress experts at your service. They reach out when your attention is needed, Focus on your projects. We'll take care of the configuration and updates

Highly Available & fully scale-able architecture with maximum security and performance. We employ only the best technology at Blank Page, from our server hardware to the software we run. No matter what development stack you use, we’ll always have the latest framework versions installed and up to date.

SEO isn't just about building search friendly websites with 5 key-phrases per page, post or product you have. It's about making your site better for people too. At Blank Page we believe these principles go hand-in-hand.

Management is easier when keeping the design of the platform user-friendly and easy to navigate. Providing you premium licenses platform of your choice Plesk or Cpanel with out losing the system performance    

Moving your site to Blank Page won’t incur any downtime. Our expert migration team will take care of everything for you. We’ll assign a temporary domain to your migrated site and check everything before going live

Active and passive measures to stop attacks and malicious intent in its tracks. Continuous monitoring for up time, DDoS attack detection, software-based restrictions, Auto SSL support with Lets Encrypt or Sectigo, and hardware firewalls.


check icon  Highly-available load balanced architecture

check icon  Fault tolerant Enterprise grade server clusters
check icon  Automatic Scalability
check icon  Instant Backups
check icon  Offsite Backups
check icon  Managed WP core auto-updates
check icon  Expert WordPress support
check icon  Full Server Management & DevOps
check icon  Free website migration
check icon  Staging Sites


check icon  End-to-end managed security
check icon  Managed auto-updates
check icon  Malware monitoring and auto-removal
check icon  Free malware removal
check icon  Managed web application firewall (WAF)
check icon  Bad-bots filtering
check icon  Fully locked-down environment
check icon  SFTP only service
check icon  Let's Encrypt  and Sectigo SSL Certificates
check icon  Mod Security


check icon  Dynamic load balancing
check icon  Enterprise HA SSD Storage
check icon  Multilayer adaptive caching
check icon  Full HTTP/2 Support
check icon  SSL Acceleration
check icon  Enterprise CDN powered by HTTP/3
check icon  Latest PHP versions available (up to PHP 8.x)
check icon  PHP OPCache
check icon  Global datacenter locations
check icon  Automatic image optimization
check icon  Brotli and GZIP Compression


check icon  One-click staging deployments
check icon  One-click clone functionality
check icon  Database administration through PHPMyAdmin or MyLittleAdmin
check icon  Cache Management
check icon  LINUX or WINDOWS based environment
check icon  Dedicated Mail Server 
check icon  Dynamic Caching
check icon  WebP Image delivery
check icon  Minify and combine, CSS,JS, HTML


HTTP/3 is available in products across the board, with rock-solid stability and unbeatable performance.

  1.  Cache Crawlers
    Serve pre-cached content and minimize visitor wait time
  2. Edge Side Includes
     provides best-in-class, customizable acceleration via our W3C-conformant Edge Side Includes Engine and Dynamic Element Management
  3. Event-Driven
    The antidote to all of this is an event-driven architecture. We handles all the connections it gets with one process (or, in some cases, very few processes). This one process stays open and handles all events that pop up — new requests coming in and new dynamic responses ready to go out. Our Web Server concerns itself not with creating new processes to handle every aspect of every connection, but with reacting to events that occur.

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